Animation jeune public autour de l'exposition l'invitation de la dame

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  • Animation for young people around the invitation of the lady exhibition On the occasion of the invitation to the Lady exhibition, the memo presents a small program of events. Wednesday February 12 at 2:30 p.m. - "les petit licier" - from 8 years old After visiting the exhibition, the children will discover the world of licieres and weave thanks to a simplified system, by rediscovering the methods used by the craftsmen of the time. Free on registration Wednesday March 25 at 2:30 pm - "tactile books, groped, read in the dark" - from 5 years. when touch replaces gaze, books become tactile. The stories are soft or rough under the fingers of small readers and bring their share of emotions and sensations. Everyone will share their words to evoke the materials and their feelings, while using textures whose sensations evoke the soft, the spicy or the rough. Free upon registration
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  • On February 12, 2020
  • On March 25, 2020