Ameli diary #comedy

Theatre at Montauban

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  • An ideal show for couples, singles and depressed girlfriends ... that is a breakthrough for couples as never before. Only one on stage with fine writing and accomplished and mastered interpretation. One of the few comedians of his generation to know how to be scathing while being benevolent. A pure talent to discover without waiting! Amélie's diary is all that women have not written, but could have ..., and that they tell their friends ... But also all that men have not written but they tell very clearly to their friends ... In the end, we obtain a precious sesame: the rules of life of the couple ... Here are some: "Article 39: The spouse who drives chooses the the place where he wants to park ... Article 55: The subjects of dispute must be of the same day ... Article 28: It is Me the Boss, but it is my Woman who commands ... Article 33: If your mother does better to eat than me then go home with your mother ... Bonus Article: To be happy as a couple, come see me in show. "
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  • Adult
    From 14 € to 17 €
  • From February 8, 2019 until February 9, 2019