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  • Rap Prices 18/22 € 21h - Opening of the doors 20h30 ALKPOTE Last representative of this category of rappers without any filter, Alkpote is in the right line of these characters as outrageous as fascinating, as Serge Gainsbourg, Lou Reed or Iggy Pop . His writing, based on multisyllabic rhymes and particularly elaborate rhyme patterns, highlights the diversity of his lexical fields and the richness of his vocabulary. The fascination of the character of Alkpote, combined with his indisputable artistic qualities, made him a rapper with a special status. The spiritual father of the majority of the next generation of artists, he has mentored some of the most prominent rap artists. His discography is enriched this year with a new album, MONUMENT, whose release is a major event in the news of rap in 2019. The 15 titles of this project revolve around the eternal vices of the rapper, lost between his self-destructive addictions and his hopes, thin but never abandoned, of redemption. After talking about a potential retirement five years ago, Alkpote is now more active than ever, and is giving itself the means to make a new start to a career begun fifteen years ago. Never had the excitement around his character and his music been so strong, and Alkpote hopes to turn this second youth into a springboard for touching spheres he has long thought unachievable. On the occasion of his new album, he goes back on the roads of France to meet his audience. Cheu-B With a solid experience in the hex game with his XV team, Cheu-B can also make the difference alone. He will have proved with many clips to his credit, but also the mixtape Welcome To Skyland unveiled in 2017. An opus through which he set foot in the stirrup ... Now remains to wait for the draft confirmation, its all first album Icon that will be released on June 21st! Today, Cheu-B has clearly become a UFO in the landscape of the French Rap, with its Americanized flow and its vocoder always activated, which brings it closer to the US Rap than the French Rap.
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  • On December 7, 2019 at 9:00 PM