Aliénor's Jazzman

Dance at Montauban

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  • Cultural season 2019-2020. The City hosts a choreographic residency of Alain Marty for the creation of the show "The Jazzer of Aliénor". A new highlight of the 2019/2020 cultural season, the Montauban concert halls will host a creative residency in January 2020 around the choreographic work of Alain Marty *. Vocation of this residency of artists: the choreographic creation "The Jazzer of Aliénor", directed by Alain Marty on an idea and an argument of Claude Sicre, and whose title role will be interpreted by the dancer Agnès Letestu. A passionate lover as well as a woman of power, protector of the troubadours, inspiring poets, heiress of this Aquitaine that all the powerful covet, the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine illustrates marvelously the courtly love (the end'amor in Occitan) which resonates tirelessly in our collective imagination. There is no doubt that Alain Marty's choreographic staging, based solely on desire, will highlight the sensuality and argument of Claude Sicre. The premiere of the show "Aliénor's Jazzer" will be given Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 20:30 at the theater Olympe Gouges. Note of intent by Alain Marty: "One day in Saint-Antonin, in front of friends, I ask the question" why is there here a Barracks of the English "? and Claude Sicre tells me everything, the links between the old medieval and medieval Aquitaine and the English, Aliénor and his marriage to the king of England, his role with the troubadours and finally the "jazzer". Now the new Aquitaine region taking up almost exactly the borders of the historical duchy; I see immediately the argument of a choreographic spectacle, apt to awaken the sleepy memories of our people, to show the role of women in the civilization of feudal courts, to evoke the strength of love and love. poetry yesterday and today. Project as difficult as exciting ... "* Former dancer of the Paris Opera, choreographer and director, Alain Marty was in 1981 the initiator of the Montauban Dance Festival.
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  • On May 23, 2020 at 8:30 PM