Agnes Varda and Alice Guy

Lecture at Montauban

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  • As part of the Olympic Days of Gouges Conference - projection The Club des Cinéphiles invites you to enter the world of two great ladies of French cinema. Free. Agnès Varda Filmmaker, photographer and visual artist, since her first feature film, "La Pointe courte", in 1954, she was the author of a dozen fiction films and numerous documentaries. Tireless, she still crisscrossed the roads in 2016-2017 in the company of the artist JR, to co-make a film according to meetings and closer to people. "Faces Villages" (2017) was his penultimate last feature film. Alice Guy Forgotten artist, she was however the first director of fiction films in the history of cinema, but also scriptwriter, producer and studio director. She founded her own production house so that she could make films as she wanted. Incomplete archives, films not credited or attributed to his assistants, misogynistic laziness of film historians ... The one to whom Eisenstein and Hitchcock addressed their sincere compliments has disappeared from radar. Even today, we do not find two experts who agree on his filmography, with a very incomplete catalog.
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  • On March 8, 2020 at 11:00 AM