Theatre at Montauban

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  • COMEDY At the theater you were used to being dead laughing, now you will also be scared to death! Helena, Victor and Martin are three inseparable friends. They go to the small village of Brézou for the sale of the house which Helena has just inherited from her great aunt, who died a few years ago. Arrived on the spot, they will quickly realize that to search in the memories of a dead person does not reserve that good surprises, that the past can announce a very sad future and especially that they are perhaps not alone in this House ! Prepare for CRIIIIER and RIIIIIIRE! Internet Review: "Surprising! - Surprising, pleasant! It is without a priori that I came to see this piece on the recommendation of a friend and I do not regret! Hard to give a glimpse without revealing everything ... What I can tell you, it is that the actors handle brilliantly both tragic and comical reversals! Atmosphere, word games, scary ... In turn, they plunge the viewer in these two opposites. I really appreciated their energy and their rhythm, knowing how to give themselves thoroughly or, on the contrary, knowing how to pose the game and, at an inopportune moment, surprise me! I invite you to make your own idea without aaaaahhhhhhhhhttttendre! " € 17 / € 14 (members, students, unemployed, Cezam card, Smile card)
  • Rates
  • Full-fare
    17 €
  • Reduce rate
    14 €
  • From November 22, 2019 until November 23, 2019