3-way reading / Au pied de la lettre

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  • « Au pied de la lettre » and by the Cie de l'Embellie - 3-voice reading proposed by the UTAM 82.

    For 16 years Marcel Pagnol and Jules Raimu had a strong relationship and followed. This evocation will make you meet two funny and different personalities linked by an authentic friendship. Certainly the bad faith, the shouting, the irony, the complicity, the tenderness, the humanity, the admiration which they are carried to each other appear but all this devours on a background of decoration of Provence : South ! Their journey takes us back to the theater and cinema of their time and makes some memories of fabulous moments, for others it will be the discovery of an author with a great A and an interpreter with a great I far from an art did you see me and commercial. Respect for texts and the public was their primary concern. You will spend a moment of intimacy with these sacred monsters and you will not leave unharmed in the company of Caesar, Marius, Fanny, the baker's wife and many other works of Marcel served by Jules. The union of these two immense talents explodes with happiness for a final bouquet greeted by our laughs, our respect, our emotion and a sudden desire to live. Finally the two friends tell us: the truth, nothing but the truth ...
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