20 ans après

Theatre at Montauban

18.10.19 & 19.10.19 20 ans après.jpg
  • COMEDY 20 years later they had forgotten. At least that's what they thought! Isabelle and Romain have a life row ... Isabelle and Romain have a life row. Everything is fine for them until the day they find themselves by the greatest chance. Of course they changed ... in appearance. This chance meeting will change all their certainties and bring them back to their past. And if we could start all over again? How to go back without blowing everything around us? From improbable situations to unexpected twists, Isabelle and Romain go through the times between jokes and doubts, between happiness and cracks to understand how they got there. After "Same day, same time", "Will the war of the sexes take place?" and "The Virtual Lover", Julien Sigalas delivers here his new creation. Rates: 17 € / 14 €
  • Rates
  • Full-fare
    17 €
  • Reduce rate
    14 €
  • From October 18, 2019 until October 19, 2019