13èmes journées Manuel Azana

at Montauban

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  • "Spain and the Great War" - Days organized by the association "Presence of Manuel Azana." Friday, November 9 - From 9h to 18h at the Espace des Augustins International Symposium "Spain and the Great War": the The theme of this conference echoes the celebration of the centenary of November 11, 1918. If Spain remained neutral during the Great War, it suffered a strong impact: the opinion was divided between supporters of both sides, a prelude to other This was an opportunity for the young Manuel Azana to demonstrate his commitment to the cause of the Allies.A history page to rediscover, in the presence of the delegation of "Azanists" of Alcala de Henares, the birthplace of Azana> Saturday, November 10 - At 10:30 am at the urban cemetery (3 rue de l'Equality) Tribute to Manuel Azana: an exceptional tribute shared with the delegation of the association Foro de Henares, coming from Alcala de Henares. marked by the musical intervention of the instrumentalists and c Horrors of the College Olympe de Gouges under the direction of Jerome Abadie, followed by the deposit of wreaths by the authorities, associations and individuals. > Saturday, November 10 - At 12:30 pm at the hotel Villenouvelle Banquet Republican (On registration - € 18): this meeting under the sign of "convivencia" is open to all. > Saturday, November 10 - At 16h Fort (5 rue du Fort) "With Manuel Azana in 1916 in Reims and Verdun": the opening of the exhibition of photos brought back by Manuel Azana from his visit to the front in 1916, carried out by the University of Alcala de Henare, in the presence of the representatives of the association Foro del Henares, will be followed by the reading of texts echoing the theme of the Colloquium. "From the Great War to the Spanish War": reading by François-Henri Soulié - Accompaniment to the guitar by Wilton Gontran.
  • From November 9, 2018 until November 10, 2018