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meet street art
Montauban, a real open-air museum, is an experience not to be missed for all street art lovers!

100Taur and its murals

We advise you to start your artistic journey in the city center by discovering a local artist with atypical works.

You will be amazed by these gigantic representations of chimeras inspired by nature and mythology.

The first monumental fresco by the artist 100Taur is located on rue Porte du Moustier.

Since then, the artist with a strong identity has delivered three other murals inspired by works by Ingres: Ossian’s Dream, Roger freeing Angelica and Oedipus and the Sphinx.

You want to surprise yourself, go discover them without further delay!

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and its Space Invaders

Did you know that Invader leaves traces in Montauban During his passage? Hunt for Space Invaders!

Start this hunt by “the Source of the invasion” at the foot of the Ingres Bourdelle museum, rue du Tescou. This work pays tribute to the city’s renowned artist: Ingres. From there, go in search of ten other little characters who will surprise you as long as you are observant …

Good to know

A map indicating the location of the Space Invaders is to be collected free of charge at the reception of the tourist office.

La sculpture en ville

toute une histoire

You will inevitably come across the sculptures of another child from the “country”: the sculptures of Antoine Bourdelle. Step by step, you will be able to admire a total of ten bronze works: Sappho playing the melody, Penelope awaiting her Ulysses or the enigmatic Last Centaur.

The artists of yesterday inspire the artists of today, along the unveiled aisles.

Departing from the Esplanade des Fontaines, discover Cleopatra by Flavio de Faveri, then climb back up to the wave in homage to Camille Claudel. A little further on, at the kiosk, admire the monumental arrows that seem to have been shot by Heracles emerging from the ground installed a little further on, on the belvedere overlooking the Jardin des Plantes.