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The Foucault course

Park and meeting place of Montalbanais
Take the main path of the park and admire the treasure that points to the sky. The imposing war memorial sculpted by Antoine Bourdelle sits at the end of the alley. The skyward columns provide a privileged spot for photography enthusiasts, who draw inspiration from the work of the Master for innovative shots facing the sky.

Some history

Intendant Nicolas Joseph Foucault created in 1679, the first public promenade on the site of the current course. This walk has first a double objective: to retain the lands which are collapsing along the Tarn and to offer the Montalbanais a pleasant space.

The course then spread over 5 hectares and quickly became a place frequented by the elegant society of the city, who liked to appear there and walk there …

This peaceful park on the outskirts of the Tarn also invites you to stroll: Take a seat in the shade, for a family picnic punctuated by happy moments near the playground or a little further, towards the Albarèdes , discover a place suitable for bowls players, ideal for pétanque enthusiasts!

Did you know?

The Cours Foucault is a hotbed of major cultural and sporting events but also a meeting place, dear to Montalbanais.

You will be able to find the marathon there, an unmissable event attracting many sportsmen from all over France or the festivities of the 400 blows, the city’s funfair which takes place every year, the 2nd weekend of September.