Du noir au blanc : instant fugitif

Exhibition at Montauban

04.07.19 au 11.09.19 instants noirs et blancs.jpg
  • A photograph, for us, is not the mere representation of reality. It is also not the only faculty of vision of the photographer. Thus the photographer's vision of a scene deserves or not to be recorded, and if he does, it is because of a particular moment that dictated the moment of the triggering. So there is necessarily an opportune moment in the scene but this opportune moment belongs to the photographer. Which means that two photographers placed in the same situation of observation of a scene will choose two moments certainly different. All these photographs account for a fugitive moment, whether it is related to the particular light of the place, to the composition of the elements in the frame, to the expression or the attitude of the human, or at the moment of the day where the shots are realized. Without having sought to account at all costs for these fleeting moments, these photographs reveal what constitutes the very essence of a work: the solicitation of the observer's imagination. PCC Exhibition: Gérard TREVISAN
  • From July 4, 2019 until September 3, 2019