AwA l'écho du désert : conte musical et illustré

Cultural ,  Literature at Montauban

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  • A echo of the desert: musical tale and illustrated with Nicolas Lacombe scenographer and illustrations, Celine Verdier story and writing, Auguste Harlé music. This is the story of Awa, a little girl who is born dumb in a family of nomadic poets. Excluded by her community, she is raised by a benevolent old man who offers him a drum. With this instrument, Awa creates his own language. It is then that galloping a horse carrying a storm "the one that can not stop", devastating fury from the bottom of the desert. Begins a musical dialogue between Awa and the Storm Horse from which a friendship is born which binds them forever. The story ends as an ancient legend still present in the collective memory. AT THE AUDITORIUM - FROM 7 YEARS - FREE ON REGISTRATION WITH MEMO OR CONFLUENCES AT
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