Cultural ,  Exhibition at Montauban
  • PISTILS & PIXELS Memo Multimedia Library, from 18/05 to 8/12 Meeting around the theme of the flower between the collections of the Ingres Museum, the Victor Brun museum and the Mémo and the contemporary works of MIGUEL CHEVALIER. These creations, conceived around a digital floral poetry, will resonate with the chosen paintings, engravings, embroidery, earthenware and herbarium, offering a bold marriage of old and new, traditional and pixel. Around the exhibition: Meeting / Workshop with Miguel Chevalier Multimedia library Memo 19/05 at 15h Digital herbarium Multimedia library Memo 24/04 and 04/07 from 14h to 16h, from 12 years Agree the traditional practice of the herbarium using digital tools! Flower Power Multimedia library Memo 24/05 from 17h30 to 19h Origamis creation workshop and meeting with Annabelle Buxton. Realization of origami in the shape of tulips (for the youngest) or lilies (for the biggest and the most motivated) customized according to the wishes of the participants. Eurythmie 26/05 from 14h to 19h and 27/05 from 10h to 13h Annabelle Buxton's dedications at the Youth Book Fair. Free entry. Rens. : 05 63 91 88 00. www.mediatheque-montauban.com